From Real-Time Geospatial Data Analytics to Knowledgeable Decisions

A GIScience 2016 Workshop, September 27th, Montreal, Canada

Workshop description

Many organizations want to benefit and make better decisions from big data by combining it with geographical data and new real-time streams of information: Web logs, customer behaviors, social media, and the Internet of Things. Despite the availability of new technologies for handling massive and heterogeneous amounts of data at high speeds, the actual potential of advanced real-time data analytics lies beyond the realm of pure technology. In fact, it is about combining and analyzing data that will lead to the right action, at the right time, and at the right place.

This workshop will provide a unique multidisciplinary forum to discuss the shift from geographical data science to the next logical frontier: decision science. How the new technologies and the robust data analytics will be translated into their consumption in such a way that will empower people for taking real-time decisions. The research challenge is not about transforming the technology, but instead, transforming people and the decision making processes.

Description of the Topics

The topics of the workshop are given bellow but not limited too as far as they address big data issues related to geographical information science:

-        Current technology trends in real-time analytics (e.g. emerging computing architectures, management, networking)

-        Real-time integration of massive geographical data

-        Innovative approaches in real-time analytics (e.g. streaming analytics, etc…)

-        Challenges in Real-time Decision Making in Transportation, Environment, Smart Cities, etc…


The expected outcomes include:

-        Raise awareness to stimulate early actions to uncover how the findings could be integrated into new research directions for geographical information science.

-        Facilitate active learning opportunities and peer-to-peer exchanges on the new opportunities in real-time data analytics.

A white paper will be produced by the workshop organizers to disseminate the outcomes of the workshop. It will be made available through blogs, web pages of associations, and social media networks. Workshop proceedings will be published by the free on-line CEUR workshop proceedings series (

Venue: GIScience 2016, the Mariott Chateau Champlain Hotel Montréal


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